I have been considering over the last couple of weeks a question that i am sure we all ask our selfs a certain points of playing NLHE, How do you if you are a winning player? At first glance this seems to be an easy question to answer, just go to any database site and type in your screen name then see if your winning or losing right? But is there more to this than just plus or minus? Some professional players have losing weeks, months or even years. You may also want consider that as a poker player who continues to learn and grow, surely you must be a better player now than you once were. The problem we face in the game of no limit is the huge variance, the massive swings. At one point you can be a losing player over thousands of hands and then all of a sudden your downswing ends and you start winning session after session. The other problem is knowing which game you are suited to MTTs, SNGs or Cash. Just because you jag a nice tourney win or go on a rush in stakes higher than you normally play may not mean you are a winning player, so the question is How Do You Know?