Hehe, last i checked in my roll was nearing 2k, but I've indulged in some midstakes MTTs, Zoom PLO and higher stakes CAP games that have decreased my roll somewhat Was fun though, I will now return to serious grinding hyper turbos with a roll of about 1k. To help me focus somewhat I've restricted my cash game tables and tournament buy in limits, so that te main focus is SNGs. 

Incidentally, I also played some $15 6 max hypers, 15 tabling at a time, these are defs not like multitabling fifty50s, the timer goes down super quick, and especially when several tables go heads up it's tricky to keep up. All my games were filled with reggy players including TeamOnline 'Daleroxxu'. 

This did mean i accumulated quite a bit of VPPs in 2 days- I now have 2800VPPs  which is on track for Platinum Star, keeping in mind that I've only played 5 days this month.. 

I still play pretty poorly sometimes, other times I think I make really nice plays. I may be suffering from Fancy Play Syndrome, always trying to outlevel the opponent! This led to really donkey plays.. I also need to reduce my number of misclicks, sometimes I misclick call a 25BB shove with 74o and win against their 22, tilts them insanely! Favourite insult by annoyed and tilted players is  'Aussie idiot' lol.. 

With Platinum Star looking good for the month, perhaps I can pick up the pace and get Supernova by year end? This probs means I'd have to move up to 60s+ and pick up volume a bit. Then next year, maybe Supernova Elite ... one can set lofty goals...