Hey guys, it's been nearly a month since my last post, since then, I've played a bit less than I'd like to.

I only recently started playing this month, 8 days has already passed! My cashier stands at $1624, and i have 1200VPPs. Looks like Platinum will have to wait another month!

Remember in my last post I was contemplating what games to play, Hyper heads up, fifty 50s or CAP cash games, I think I'm going to play Hyper Turbo heads up sngs, they seem the most action packed when 2-3 tabling. At the moment, I am playing $30s.

I still have a ton of leaks in my game and often spaz, although, I think I am steadily improving my note taking and adjusting to opponent's tendencies eg. one opponent opened 90% of buttons, I start shoving low suited connectors over, it's annoying when they start calling you fish!!!


I've been playing live poker for the past 2 weeks as well, 50 hours in total, including one hardcore 24 hour session!!! I definitely felt like a zombie after that... My hourly winrate in that tiny sample size of 1/2 was $5/hour lol, I started off with $60/hour for the first few sessions then cooler after cooler and the insanely high rake ($5/hour time charge + 10% per pot!!!) meant that I couldn't own the fish fast enough!!

Anyways, I'm going to pause live for a bit and focus more on my midsem uni exams and improving my hyper turbo play, hopefully by month's end I can rise up to the $60s, I hear that's where most of the serious regs are!!

Meanwhile, I'm also playing some The Big and The Hot tournaments, I've done ok in those so far....but imo you gotta be really lucky after the money, it's a long stretch of insignificant pay jumps until the final table.... I got 120th in one, lost JJ<99 for the chip lead I'm also enjoying watching the WCOOP action, looking forward to railing the high roller events!

Back to playing, update again later!