Hey guys, I play $7-$15 turbo 50-50s, $7-30 Hyper Turbo Heads Up SNG, and Low to mid stakes CAP games. I am currently a Gold Star but I want to achieve Platinum Star this month.

I started playing poker February this year after seeing the WPT broadcast on TV. I've already deposited and busted a sizable amount online, and I'm hoping that my recent deposit is the last time.

I deposited $300 during the beginning of August to start afresh and now my roll stands at $706.
My goal for the end of the year is to have $10,000 in my cashier account, and to reach Supernova.

As for the wide variety of games that I play, I am still struggling to find my best game! I think I have a solid fundamental knowledge of poker but still make many donky plays, and get slightly tilted sometimes.

I've been grinding micro 50-50s since the beginning of my online "career", but found them to be too reg-infested even at the $7-$15 levels. Although i still think they are very beatable, I started experimenting with cash games and hyper turbos.
Heads up Hyper turbos I like very much, but sometimes it is quite easy to tilt and rematch an opponent that you know is better than you but you do it for the "ego" . In July, I buiit my $500 roll to $1600 playing $30 &$60 level hypers, before blowing $1k playing top regulars at the $200-$300 level (Although I did have a hot run against my favorite player Spacegravy, I am up 8-3 against him at $200s
After that I restricted myself to only playing heads up hypers up to the $30 level, to rebuild my roll.

Since I like the short stack nature of hyper turbos it is only natural that I like the 20BB CAP games! I am currently occasionally playing 25c.50c CAP, although have experimented higher. In my opinion there is definitely some fishy gamblers up to the $2/$4 level!

Ok, that is my brief poker experience, I just want to recap my eventual goal, first, find the game that I like the best and do the best in and stick with it, then climb up the ranks.
If I choose Heads Up Hypers, I want to become a $100 reg by the end of the year. I have bought a subsciption to a heads up site as pokerschoolonline doesn't have any hyper turbo videos...
If i choose to stick with CAP games, I will watch vids on CAP, and try to climb to mid-high stakes by the end of the year.

For the time being, I just want to find a game and stick with it!!

Thanks for reading, I'll update soon