So 1st tourneys of the day seem to be really bad for me Got my worst place... 3216/7849... not even in top 40 %. It was kind of a tough table because we had like 3 luckboxes... that were competing with eachother and eliminating all the serious players along the way. The guy winning my going out hand actually wasn't bad to a point of shoving ATC but he just shoved any PP and all broadways. And he sucked out everytime or his PP held. It really doesn't make me happy when I go into a three way pot with the best hand (about 53 % equity) and someone sucks out, who already sucks out every other hand.

This I've managed to run away from.

But this one I just couldn't let go... it was the last hand before the 50/100 blinds and I would be under 10bb. Best hand. Crushed.

2nd tourney. Well I don't know, have mixed fillings about this one. In 50 hands I had 5x pocket Tens. My most hated tourney (of this kind) pocket pair because it's not shoving material and on the other hand I  don't want to fold it. Let me explain. Every pot in early stages of OSL is at least 3 way And Tens in a 3 way pot don't really handle well. I put my opponents on about 17% range (44+, ATs+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, ATo+, KTo+, QTo+, JTo) and if you put that into 3 way with Tens you are not even getting 40%.

So here I folded:

Yeeeeaaaah... :S Any thoughts on that?

Well JJ are another story. If I put them into previous setup they make solid 45% in 3 way pot, so that is kind of my bottom range shove at this stage. Although I'm quite frequently losing with them in such positions I kind of figured, since I was getting TT every 3 hands, I am probably not going to get any higher PP anytime soon.

And they hold up.

Now the questionable hand:

I am not totally happy with myself here :S If someone is actually reading, maybe some comment about this? I guess you can't see this in replayer but we were actually only 4 people playing others where sitting out( Seat 1, 5, 6, 7, 9 were sitting out). It was a pretty high active table before, but one whole round ago in similar position to this (accept that time I was the BB) I had AA and everyone just folded to me... that was not cool .

So my dilemma. I had over 20bb. I think I went too far with shoving. I should raise and than he would probably call and I could get away on the flop or turn. Problem with this... If I raise to some number where I am still not pot commited, I'm likely in a 3-4 way pot (because they have big stacks). But again I could get away. I don't know. At the end of everything I put the chips in good with 63% equity so... I think this is one of those what is the right play in the long run and what is the right decision in this given tournament to survive a little longer.

I finished 2597/10000, just under the 25% mark. Which sucks a little. A little good luck going my way in such spots really wouldn't hurt.

3rd tourney of the day was lovely. Made my deepest run, ended 145/10000. There weren't really any unusual spots. I won 3 allins with AQ, twice I was ahead one time I won a flip against JJ. At the right time I had AA that got 4 callers and held up. I lost only 2 showdowns. One with a shorty and one when I went out. Both times it was AK, which I am starting to feel is not my lucky hand. Here are the AA hand and the goodbye hand (worst hand has to win OTR of course):

I think I've lost here because Villain 9 was betting so weak If he'd raised normally OTF or shoved, I would probably win this hand

Day 2 >> T1 = -5.68, T2 = +1.09, T3 = +75.44 Together: 1663,53 points

At off the table part of the game I am reading TMGOP and finding it quite interesting, although seeing that applying principles discribed in the book is going to be a lot of work. I have also started to take notes on players, specially in early stages of the tourney... more or less basic who looks solid and who just plays everything.