So for the first day I must say it went pretty well. I have already reviewed the first tournament, so here are the other two...


2nd tourney was really great, I finished ITM (well not real money  since we dont have nominators lower than cents). Couple of hands:

Well if this would be a normal MTT (reward wise) and I wouldn't be playing against a bunch of mo... ehm nice people that raise/reraise/shove every hand, I would flat OTB with KQ. And went broke on the flop. But I don't really call almost anything in this stage. It's more push/fold. So I got away from this hand and it was pretty funny because on flop I was "Oh look there's my money in the middle :S" but by the end of the hand I would be last.

This was the crucial hand for me and my 258/10000 place in this tourney:

I had to shove here and when the A and K came on the flop with two more players in the pot my heart sunk a little. Plus a flush draw. But what do you know best hand actually holds up.

Then this was a nice one:

I've played this as if I'm holding Ac or Kc and chasing a flush maybe having a peace of the flop. I don't know what the other player was thinking. Ok he had 37o in the BB and then he called my raise with low pair + 7 flush draw. He called again on the turn with now added gutshot straight. But OTR I'm not really sure if he just represented high flush or did he actually thought 7c was good. I think he really missed what I was playing there. Because if I hit the flop hard (but not flush), I'm not going to raise just 40% of the pot with flush on the board. I'll probably shove. But all in all I just think he wanted me to fold OTR but sadly he was pretty dead on all streets. Again it is nice that sometimes you can slowplay flopped nut flush and the board doesn't pair up

And this was my bye bye:

Having 54 % equity in a three way pot just never seems enough when I play. On that note I think that A3s was a bad call. He had to call 1/3 of his stack and he wasn't getting 2 to 1 on money. Plus with this hand and 2 shoves you have to guess your behind and you're just luckboxing to hit that ace/flush. Coz you now it's comin' :S

3rd tourney was pretty standard. I mean really standard I was more or less card dead. I have doubled up with AKs when some guy thought that having an AJo is good enough with the A on the turn, I actually flushed it on the river but he was behind anyway. And then I just slowly bled out till about 7bb and shoved A3s OTB. BB called with 35o and spiked a 5. Ended ITM 1359/10000. If that would be my average tournament for this project I would be happy I think.

So Day 1 >> T1 = -0.47, T2 = +70.55, T3 = +22.6 Together: 1592,68 points

PS: I'll yawn some more tomorrow, because I've already played 2 tourneys for day 2 by now and I'm not happy