So for my first post. I come from Europe, I'm 25 years old, been playing online poker on and off from my 18th birthday . In this seven years I haven't really made any smart moves in poker. Busted out so many times it makes me sick... So this is my try to bring some discipline to my game of poker and first and foremost I am going to start with "Don't invest the money you can't afford to lose".

So the plan for the first month... The Open Skill League. I've been checking it out for the previous month and I'll have a go at it. Goals:

* play 3 Open Skill League tourneys a day (I don't know how those Ukrainian ballas play 5-6 tourneys a day but I need to do some other things in life. Must be heart and commitment)

* end the month with 2000 points 

At the moment I have no idea if this is achievable for me but since it doesn't cost anything I will definetly try.

I must mention the work part of this rebirth. I am starting with reading books. I have 4 of them planned. I have started with The Mental Game of Poker since I think my greatest weakness of many is my mental game and tilt episodes. Later I have Treat your poker like a business and Poker Blueprint linned up. I have already read the Let's play poker by Lee Nelson but I am pretty sure I should reread it a couple of times

One of my longterm goals is to make enough money from (more or less, since there is probably going to be a small deposit to achieve VPP's needed) scratch to buy PT4 or HM2 and make evaluations easier (or possible ).

So on this notice... I have already played the first tourney. Busted at 2744/8050. Nothing to be happy about.  I have two hands here... The questionable one and the bust one...

Would anyone shove here? Maybe I've played to tight but I was guessing I was already behind and there were still players to act behind me. This stack would made my end position much higher .

And this is how I said goodbye. My best hand in the tournament QQ on the button. I don't think I had any options. If there would be like 2 allins in front than maybe I would be thinking of folding but I was getting short, so probably not. Well BB wakes up with AA.

PS: Spell check doesn't seem to be working in blog window for me, so don't laugh too hard if I wrote something stupid