I have set myself a few goals this week, GONNA WIN BIG OR DIE LOSING!

This week I am pushing the boundaries to win one of the 'THE DAILY BIG' Tournaments. Yes, I am really that desperate to win one of these bad boys.

Goal of the week are as follows :

1) Go to the final table atleast once in (7*4=28 'daily big tournaments)

2) Get a 20% 'in the money' stat

3) Not going to go all in with any kind of draw, whether it will be flush draw, straight draw open ended straight draw unless in the money

4) The pot size has to be in its minimum if situation is ambigous

5) Not going to overplay A K, A Q, if there is a re raise on any of them simply gonna fold them

6) Have to be very cautious in each and every move, never have put too much concentration on these small details but this week going to do that.

7) This is going to be a very defensive way of playing poker, I am usually a situational strategy maker but now I have to draw some line, as I really want to win one of these

Looking at big players like Phil Hellmuth or Daniel Negreanu, they always try to avoid big pots unless they have a very good hand, the betsizing is going to be for me always about the same as I used to do

9) I want to participate in the 1 billionth tournament anyhow somehow, desparate but do not have money for it, so maybe winning one of these big tourney going to help me out.

10) This is going to be a journey, an epic journey on achieving something great this week. Every player going out of the tournament counts as it makes you much more closer to winning the tournament

I will be posting blogs throughout the tournaments, who killed me off the tournament and how, The ups and downs, the allins, everything. 

Again, the goal is to win one of the daily bigs!

Not doing it for money alone, doing it for my pride and prestige, lol donno if i have any in poker.