Last wk I took 4 days off. Then lost points in 7 or 8 str PSO's. Droped from top 98 to over 500. I'm up to 154 w/two SOLID days of play. w/lead me to this fricken hand. 2nd level w/ppJ's. I limp w/3 or 4 limpin too. DRY flop 79J rainbow. One bettor I raise 1/2 my stack. I get a caller w/TKo & orginal bettor mucks. T-you guessed it a Fricken Queen ffs. I bet & he pushes, I call thinking he chased w/AQ or KQ. I have just river needing to pr board but no luck. :-( ICM says chips WON, ARN'T as importiant as CHIP LOST...But it was his 1st PSO so I got dnk /chased