Last week in review: 1) Get up to 25,000 play chips.........did not meet am at 20,100...which is ok since i started with 10,000 2) Start accumulating PP at stars to clear a balance......Met 3) Place In One Freeroll......Placed in 6 out of about 20 freerolls....Highest Finish was today 10th out fo 823 in first pso game 4) Go through general forum posts-finished This weeK: 1) PSO Lessons/Courses (basic, core, sng, fl) 2) Get at least 15 stars player points to keep clearing that balance 3) Increase my bankroll by at least 10$ 4) Get up to 30k play chips 5) Look over some notes I have on limit hold em and MM sng strategy 6) Maybe start to read a poker book and go through some more forum posts just a note played my first live casino game and played 2/4 limit bringing 50 to the table and leaving with 49 over a 2 hour session it was a lot of fun and i was pleased with the result!