Alright well in my last post I talked about how my assignment was to follow the Chris Moneymaker Sit N Go Strategy. Well I did just that and I had filmed a couple games but the videos messed up and hopefully I can get that down and do some videos in the future. 9 Player SNG- Finished 3rd for a next step ticket 90 Player SNG-Finished 1st yay 9 Player SNG Real $ 1.20 buy in-Finished 3rd for $1.80 90 Player Real $ 0.25 buy in-Finished 36th for +0.00 the strategy worked pretty well. I personally think it would work well at the lower limits and maybe work at the higher limits. As always I took extensive notes on my play, and in this case the notes highlighted hands were when I followed the outlined strategy. My Next assignment: -use an article I found on Limit hold em play and apply it to a cash game at stars. Weekly goals: 1. Accumulate 25,000 play chips at a site (can buy into real $ tournaments with 500,000 play chips + currently i have about 19,000 (Increase of 8,000 in 2 days) 2. Start accumulating player points at stars by playing low cash and sng games....I have money to clear by november from the old bugsys club 3. Place in one freeroll...almost did it last night...finished 104 where 100 paid and finished 200 out of 4,000 where 63 paid. 4. Go through old PSO forum posts for strategy and info...currently on forum page 160 out of 500 in general forum!