I use be at the school here a long time ago and am back now. I hope to see some of the old faces here again. I am glad pokerstars resurrected the school and so far they are doing a great job. I do however miss the training videos and courses of study alot. i am pretty much starting from scratch with the school and learning the game. I have been playing for close to 7 years now and I am an intermediate player but im starting from the ground up. I came across an article yesterday that was Chris Moneymakers Tips for Sit N Go Play. Here's a quick summary: -Don't Gamble Early in tournaments...........only play AA, KK, QQ, AK for the first 3-4 blind levels......also recommends to bet big and usually go all in with those hands -Only call with a pocket pair not listed above it it costs less than 1/15th of your chip stack......get out of the hand if you dont flop a set.....if you do get a set bet big/go all in.....and if you flop an overpair you can potentially bet big and go all in -If you are the second person to raise never raise the minimum but make a bet that is closer to the pot size -when betting after the flop always bet at least 1/3rd to 1/2 of the pot......betting smaller allows drawing hands to get the right pot odds -If you have the best hand always bet a amount that will get drawing hands out or make them make a very bad call -Never call bets on draws where you do not have the right pot odds -Always better to be a raiser than a caller -If you feel like you will be committed to a pot just go all in -Take advantage of tight bubble players....you should be able to steal a few blinds So these are the tips from CM. I agree with most and even use quite a few in my own sng strategy. My assignment for today is to play some sit n gos playing this strategy to A T. I have studied his suggestions and would like to see how it does and if it can improve my game. So i will be playing a few sng's and reporting back with the results. -9-10 person play chip sng -45-90 player play chip sng -9-10 player low buy in $ sng -45-90 player low buy in $ sng will post the results back in a new blog, also I like to set goals for myself and here are my goals for the week..... 1. Accumulate 25,000 play chips at a site (can buy into real $ tournaments with 500,000 play chips + currently i have about 11,000 2. Start accumulating player points at stars by playing low cash and sng games....I have money to clear by november from the old bugsys club 3. Place in one freeroll...almost did it last night...finished 104 where 100 paid and finished 200 out of 4,000 where 63 paid. 4. Go through old PSO forum posts for strategy and info...currently on forum page 160 out of 500 in general forum! good luck at the tables -toolzz360