Just wanted to post a quick blog with an update on how things are going. I do have a thread in the forum where I post my journal entries from the tournaments played. But as far as things go overall I have learned a lot even though I already knew a lot of the subjects early on in the study. I can see a noticeable difference in my game, and I am playing a lot better than I did before the COS. I have struggled a little bit over the past few days, and a break might be in the works, but I have done fairly well playing cash games at a couple of the big money sites. Along with the COS I want to start to read a few books, I am going to get the first book highlighted in the COS by Hilger. I have access to Sklansky books and might read one of those as well. I also want to watch Al's video tables and take extensive notes on them. I also look and read articles and watch videos on other sites. I am pretty close to playing for real money a lot more. Currently playing cash games at UB and Bugsy and SNG's at Stars.