Ok,  I see more and more Posts about AA not holding up and people claiming they lose more times then they win with it….


I am calling BS on this right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below will give you a little idea on some things, as these are real numbers from my experience playing AA in NLHE

Now I play mostly NLHE & PLO with a mix of PLHE, also the numbers below are only from NLHE MTTs & SNGs.

586 times I have started with AA out of the 250,000 or so hands I took for this experiment.
So I am getting dealt AA 1 in about every 426 hands

71 times out of 586, I had lost Chips with this hand (this includes Folding them; yes, that's right, you will find times you need to Fold AA depending on the texture of the Flop, Turn, River)

So the break down is this I am winning 7 out of 8 times I hold AA.

And I am willing to bet that you are not losing 50% of the time with AA unless you have no clue on what your doing.

Think about this, as most poker players will remember the bad beats over the wins, and a  player who has the skills to understand the game and the math (Math does not LIE) does not think twice about the loss with AA as they already know they will win way more then lose with AA.

I guess what I trying to say is the sooner you are not bothered by the Beats, the sooner your game will improve

I spent my first 2 years playing poker out of control as I could not let the Beats go. I spent more time learning from other players and I started to realize that the beats are  just part of the game and nothing good comes from harping on them.


That is how the game rolls, so the quicker you learn to accept that the quicker you will be on track to make more money and better focus on your game.

The more time you spend thinking on the Beats you take, the more you will 2nd guess your self.

May the Felt stay soft, and the Chips Pile High