FYI We will be streaming the following Dog Days of Summer events on Twitch this week, JWK24 will join me along with others who may pop in from time to time;


Tuesday, 21
18:00 - Event 19: $530 NLHE
This will be on  Twitch 

Thursday, 23
21:00 - Event 28: $530 NLHE  
This will be on  Twitch 

Friday, 24
15:00 - Event 30: $530 NLHE 
Event 30 will be hosted by Royalraise85 and have some special guess stop in to the PSO Twitch Channel

Saturday, 25
18:00 - Event 35:$5,200 "HIGH ROLLER"  NLHE 
This will be on  Twitch 

* All times Eastern Time

We will be talking about play going on in the games and answer any questions you may have about PSO, Poker, Cooking and so on 

 May the Felt stay soft, and the Chips Pile High