Hello PSO


On March 22nd 2015 a group of PSOers played in the Sunday Billion the big play money game offered by PokerStars. Now I not a play money player as I play for real money daily so this was a bit out of my normal grind but with so many playing and Dave covering it in Live Training I wanted to take part.

So first things first I only had around 200k and needed 1 million to buy in so I had to grind some up or buy some. Well I not have time to grind play money or at least  I would like to think I do not :p so I went with option B and looked at buying some play chips.

There be several options to pick from since I only needed 1 million and had a few hundred K I went with the 900k for $4.99 this leave me 100k + for the HGC as the PSO series only time I play with play money.

Ok now I set and ready for the big game on Sunday I was sure I would be out early as I play very fast early in MTTs  with the motto chip up or be on to my next game

This game is 10k stacks with 5 min rounds so deep stack turbo a game I enjoy and with so many of us in you know you want to play good as no one wants to be first on the rail.

There were 17 of us who took part with 9 of us cashing, 933 runners paying 243 spots.

There was a lot going on with so many of us spread out in this game and Dave trying to keep up with the action witch he did very well

For myself I had 3 major hands that help me run deep and all 3 hands were 33 in the hole and all hit sets the crazy part is I was paid off each time for stacks

I finished in 26th for 5.5 million and thanks to FireMedic815 I will  add the list below he had added to the thread on this event

TheLangolier  finished   721
greenhead49  finished   717
$weetAces   finished  675
GeneralKhan   finished  568
CHILLI 2 U  finished  532
JWK24  finished  436
rocky ricoco  finished  373
JakeX  finished  288

in the money

BichonPup  finished  224 for 1,750,000.00
EasyChips4U  finished  212 for 1,980,000.00
manoj35  finished  166 for 2,230,000.00
QueenBee9979  finished  125 for 2,730,000.00
oriholic  finished  106 for 2,980,000.00
BUZZLIYEAR  finished  80 for 3,480,000.00
FireMedic815  finished  69 for 3,730,000.00
A-FISTFULL  finished  56 for 3,980,000.00
TOO2COO  finished  26 for 5,500,000.00

We hope to do this again in the coming months as all who played and railed seem to have a great time

May the Felt stay soft, and the Chips Pile High