Do you ever take time off from poker?

About once a year I take a month or so off from playing poker, a little about me I play poker 5 or 6 days a week for real money online and I find I get burnt out about once a year.

The time this happens can very right now I am on the down time of playing as I just became burnt out so well I was thinking about things and seeing post over time where people talk about a break I wonder how many really take one.

I have found taking this break helps me for when I return I am very refreshed and feel good about getting back into the mix of things, taking a break or extended time off can take a toll on some and others be what they needed to get back on track.

So next time you thinking of taking some time off do it enjoy it and you will feel so refreshed when you return

May the Felt stay soft, and the Chips Pile High