There seems to be a lot of events going on over this weekend hope to see as many of you take part in them as possible (All times in East Coast time) FRIDAY 1- Friday Night Paltalk @ 8:00pm The #1 Skill league event with a 100+ runners every week with comments and commentary on Paltalk 10,000 chips with 15 min rounds come play in the best weekly event PSO has SATURDAY 2- The Big Stack Bonanza @ 2:05pm You wanted a deep stack event here it is once a month 25,000 in starting chips 10 min rounds PSO$500 buy in with $5,000 added..this event is also Live on Paltalk 3- The Saturday Night 2 day event @ 9:30pm These are a lot of fun to play 10,000 in chips 20 min rounds $200 buy in with $5,000 added SUNDAY 4- TJ Cloutier SP Bounty Free Roll @ 1:00pm Nothing like playing with one of the Best of all time and trying to get some SPs well at it 5- Loyalty Event of July @ 4:00pm Time to play in what has become one of the best tourneys of the month 10,000 starting chips 20 min rounds to battle with some of the best at PSO 6- PSO Women's Championship @ 5:00pm This is probably the toughest tourney at PSO these ladies hold nothing back in there monthly battle 7- Al Spath Limit Poker Nite Live SkypeCast @ 6:35pm Come talk and play with the PSO Dean Al Spath in what is one of the Best Events of the weekend not to mention a very good learning experience As you can see this weekend is non stop fun with a lot of things going on Very Good Luck to all in what ever events you are playing this weekend Brian