Hiya all This weekend we have two Live on Paltalk events along with some other Big Events going on over the next Three days Too night Friday April 27th, at 8:00pm East Coast time we have the Friday Night Live "Old Hatters Trip To the Top" week #3......LIVE ON PALTALK Tomorrow Saturday April 28th, at 12:05pm East Coast time we have the "Big Stack Bonanza" (note the 2 hour earlier start do to the Big One running also)......LIVE ON PALTALK I hope every one has a great time as always, i will not be here for the Big Stack as I will be donking my chips away down at the JBC #5 But am Sure Firestarters will run a great show I wish every one the best of luck in all the events this weekend as there is alot going on between Friday and Sunday Friday April 27th, 1) Hatters Trip to the Top @ 8:00pm* Saturday April 28th, 1) Big Stack Bonanza @ 12:05pm* 2) Big One VII Spring Final @ 3:05pm* 3) The JBC #5 @ 4:00pm* Sunday April 29th, 1) TJ Cloutier SP Bounty Free Roll @ 1:00pm* 2) Loyalty Event of April @ 4:00pm* (I think there will be a Sypecast for this event) 3) PSO Womens Championship @ 4:30pm* 4) Al Spath PokerNiteLive SkypeCast @ 6:05pm* *all times East Coast Time Have a great weekend and most of all have Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn