I need to win a ticket to an RCOOP event...hopefully the main! Now i know all the pros regularily buy-in to multiple events and usually win one or more,but alas i am a new fish! I have just recently gotten REALLY involved in poker(mostly online,mostly pokerstars.)And i am a member of pokerschool online. Well i have been playing consistently for real money since jun of 2010 and this has been primarily micros and i truly believe that i am ready to move up the stake scale. To move up in stakes i need a bigger bankroll  and the best way i know of increasing my BR to the level needed for the increase in stakes i want to attain is simple...win a REAL tournament! Now i dont mean a 4.40 1000 cap nlhe tourney with a guarenteed prize pool of $4000,no,im talking one of those tournaments that we`ve read how the pros starting out hit that one and never looked back! I need a 5 or six figure payout and the RCOOPS just might be my ticket! Thank you all for listening and see u all at the tables(hopefully the REAL tables!) tonyn21.