Theme is all about pocket fives.



*****No Kenworths or bankrolls were seriously injured during the making of this blog entry.*****

Before observing the next few hands I recommend queueing Sammy Hagar's song, "I Can't Drive 55," with the link found here:

[youtube id="hg8CI-wdo7I"]


Hand #1: This illustrates the hazards of flopping a set while in the blinds. The turn card made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I decided to check/call to the river. It probably would have been better to bet/fold. Representing the flush may have won the hand, but he probably would have at least called given his hand strength. Though he turned a set of kings, his hand strength was weakened relative to the board. The old tug-of-war between relative hand strength versus absolute hand strength. It is hard to fold a set, and lately it has been difficult to win with one as well.

Hand #2: I think I overplayed this hand. It would have been hard not pay him off, but did it have to be my entire stack? All JJ 88 combos have me beat, but I hoped that he would pay me off with a flush draw, combo-draw, or over-pair. Once again I was out of position, and not entirely sure where I was in the hand.

Hand #3: Technically this was a split pot, and reversal of Hand #2. This time I am not in the blinds. The flop is dry. I think I might have seen a 3bet pre-flop if someone had JJ. Some players will also 3bet TT as well. With only 6 combos reasonably beating me - a set of tens - it was easy to put the money in the middle in this situation. Villain2's hand turned out to be exactly what it looked like: JTs. I think Villain6 had AJs, KQs, possibly turned a diamond draw, or was just feeling up for spewing some chips.


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