Happy April Fool's Day!

Browsing over the last blog entries, I see why it is good to make plans, and to be adaptable. Now I am close to doubling my bankroll since the new year, and can now cautiously move up stakes from 2NL to 5NL Zoom. If you want a look at a brief perpective as to what this journey has been like so far - including links to graphs, and badly played hands - the whole thread can be found here:


I can also report that the MicroMillions tournament satellites have given me a +80% ROI in March, and I obtained over T$57 starting from a $5 investment near the end of February. I aquired 13 more 1st place ties since my last post - that is 26 wins in total for March. 

I decided to start a shares thread challenge, to convert the T$s into cash. I also wanted to see how well I could do in the $1 180 entry games. So the plan is to play 50 of them in April, and get help with the variance from investors. It would have been better to play 100 games, but I did not want to start something that potentially could take longer than a month to complete. There will be hands posted in the tournament analysis thread, and updates my blog thread as well. The first game will be played tomorrow; here is the link to the shares thread:


The plan is to play my A-game particularly in spots where I make a deep run in these MTTs. Rather than studying cash game theory, I intend to watch MTT videos this month.