The second installment of this forum thread discussed how plans change. The argument being that poker requires adjustments as you learn. Changing how how hands get played, how your computer may affect your approach to the game, and positive bonuses as well. For example, getting the 150+VPP status and ChromeStar status, which unlock the premium training videos, and VIP freerolls respectively. Finishing 56th out of 23888 runners in the weekly $5000 ChroneStar+ freeroll gave me 3 more 1/2 Zoom buyins to spew.

Third installment uses PokerTracker 4 to display a gragh of my progress. It actually is linked to the FaceBook page where it is posted, because I have not figured out how to post it directly in the forum yet. (If you know how, please leave instructions in a reply to the thread.) Also discussed are swings caused by variance, habits and tilt. The LeakTracker progam is also touched upon, and will be used more in future threads.

Featured are 3 hands where I lost my stack. The results are not included in the hope that people will leave their guesses in the thread. Below is a link to the thread. Enjoy!