Is it your ambition to play high stakes? Lee Jones of PokerStars announced - on a rival forum's podcast - that their highest stakes cash games will played will be on Zoom. I am not going to discuss the rational behind why this is happening, but rather state my intent on learning, understanding, and moving up stakes using Zoom.


First, here is some background as to why I post this blog. I type "officalpokerratings", then "Tonk Shuffle", then click "trainee" under the "Poker League" heading. For 2012 - 99.44%, I ground up a bankroll from freerolls to $120 fairly quickly. That was the easy part.

Then spewed said bankroll off learning 1/2NL full ring games. A fish at lowest of stakes! Then ground it back up twice now, only spew again on a variety of games and shots.

While it has been fun learning tournament poker for free, I decided to break my vow of never depositing - probably - maybe - do not have to go there just yet. But at some point very soon I will either gain traction in cash games, or bust my bankroll. Gotta risk it, to get the biscuit.

Current bankroll is $108.24 cash, and $15.60 tournament dollars. (I will not play cash and tournaments at the same time, though I am comfortable multi-tabling tournaments.)

The Plan

1.  Play one 6-max 1/2 NL Zoom table only. Follow strict opening criteria, and play a tight aggressive stlye. (If things go well, I will share these opening ranges in another blog.)

2. Stop/loss of four buy-ins, and play no more than 500 hands a session.

3. Review each session and, as penitence, post hands where I got stacked in the forum. Also blog about my progress, so that fellow PSOers can admire/laugh at it.

4. Troll the video library - indeed the whole internet - for Zoom strategy. Kudos to Felix's "Grind It Up!" series on YouTube.

5. On April 1st - no joking - decide whether or not poker is a foolish hobby.