"The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools." - Confucius

First, congrats to all who competed and finished in the money, both per tournament and on the monthly leaderboard. April was a strong month for the top finishers, and there were three players who managed to finish with over 2800 points. Here is a comparison of results versus predictions in my first blog on this topic:

The 500th place finisher had 2148.07 points, verus 2132 estimated points. This is a strong result compared to most other months. The previous mean score was 2120 points.
The 79th place player finished with 2485.61 points, I estimated 2464 points for a $7.50 finish, so this benchmark was crushed! The previous average score was 2433 points.
For 40th, the $10 prize level the score was 2584.69 points, verus 2578 point benchmark. The previous average was 2544 points, so this is another strong result.

I finished in 28th place with 2629.91 points. It took 26 games to pass the 500th place benchmark, 52 games to pass the 79th place benchmark, and 78 games to hit the 40th place benchmark.

About halfway through the month I started turning off the chat bubbles, because I was fed up with the hostilty I was getting from annoyed opponents. 128095 total players in the league this month, and I seemed to get seated with all the angry villians. I do not know in how many languages I was cursed at as being the worst player in the whole world. (I think that is what they were saying, bless them.)

The prize I received was good for my bankroll, as was all of my poker in May. My BR has out grown the stakes level I have been playing, and now it is time to find another game to grind. So here are my new goals for June 2012:

1. Earn at least 150 VPPs in June.
2. Learn how to successfully play cash games.

I will start playing 1/2 NL cash games, and I will stick to these all month unless I lose 60 buy-ins. If things go well, I will cautiously move up in stakes. If things do not go well, I will move down to $1 45 player SNGs. I will also be viewing many videos in the library that pertain to cash games. I expect to strengthen my game.

See you at the tables.