"The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success," Henry Ward Beecher.

My last challenge yielded me the 20 VPPs necessary to take a shot at making the Premier Skill League in June.

My best result playing in the Open Skill League was Sept 2011: Rank - 860, Score - 1971.57. At the end of September I had been playing poker for less than three months, and was enjoying learning the game. If I would have had 20 VPPs, I would have advanced, as there were many players in front of me who also did not have the neccessary VPPs.  I did not have a money account at that time, and still have never deposited. The league prize was 50c. I also had 8th and 9th place finishes, which gave me 10c and 6c respectively. This was the origin of my small bankroll, which is now a 100 times larger.

This blog entry is a brief account of what I believe to be two of three significant benchmarks. The third is the number of points required to advance to the Premier Skill League. I am not going to look at the third benchmark, rather I am going to discuss what I believe are two numbers that can significantly help the bankroll of a small-time player like myself.

These benchmarks are the scores necessary to finish in the 79th and 500th spots: $7.50 and $5 prizes respectively. These prizes are a happy addition for someone with a bankroll of less than $100.

Using a standard deviation calculator I have entered the scores of those who have finished 79th and 500 since the current league format was established. Fractions were rounded up to error on the side of caution. The results are intended to be interpreted as minimum targets to winning these prizes, but winning is by no means a given.

                                                           79th                             500th                      40th added May 21st        
Average score (mean)                       2433                            2120                        2544
Standard Deviation (S)                      31.06                           11.56                       34.21
Variance (S squared)                        HIGH                            LOW                       HIGH
FYI                                        (31.06 x 31.06) ÷ (11.56 x 11.56) = 7.22ish
Highest score minus lowest score     81                                34                            103
Target Score                                    2464                             2132                        2578                                    

To reach 79th place you need as a player to be motivated, dedicated, skilled, talented, intelligent, and lucky. Because I have few of these qualities I am going to shoot for 500th place, dream of 79th, and hope to qualify for the big league.

*May 21st edit*

I have added calculations for 40th place, the $10 prize. Currently the player in 40th has 2491 points, so this target is likely to be eclipsed this month!