I have been using an application to remotely access my PC using the Iphone , it is called jumiMouse and sometimes it works great!!!
This application works both on wifi and 3g, with wifi on the same network as my PC it works great! I am able to play while at lunch, at my bed and even at the bathroom! I can keep an eye on muy hand without having to skip a deal. On 3g I have experienced some problems, sometimes unable to connect or a slow response time.
The screen on the iphone sometimes makes it diffcult to see the full table, and I have found it almost impossible to play mutliple tables. But for a single table it works great.
I have played full PSO tournaments while away.
One usefull use besides playing, is the ability to register to a tournament while away! I used to miss the 4:30 tourney because of my work schedule and in-transit time, but now I can remotely register and even play remotely the first few hands.
I am sure there are other apps like this one, this one costs about $4.00 and I believe it's worth the price,