I have chromestar status on my account and as I have been playing mainly tournaments and generally not much poker this past month, it has come down to me needing 45VPPs before sunday. I decided to take a silly approach and deposit $12.50 and play one stake higher than what I usually play which brought me to the 10c/25c zoom table. Just to make sure that I do all of this in record time. 18 minutes later after hanging in between $7-$14 I came across TT3 when I held KT. The BB bet $2, so I raised to $5 and got a call from the player to my left. The BB folded. The turn shows an 8, I have $5.30 left, I push it all in and get a call to my left showing JT. My broadband gave out for a few seconds, it was horribly tense and the worst thing possible happened. Yes, you heard it, that blasted J rears his ugly head on the river.

After this I was thinking that maybe it just isn't meant to be and because I am budgeting pokerwise, I wasn't sure whether to carry on or not. I took 5, got off my arse for a bit and came back with $6.70 left in my account to last me until next week and got back on what I know best. No, not sit and go's you fool, 5c/10c zoom! My favourite zoom of course. Then I had to face that difficult decision of 6-max or full ring. I decided on 6-max as it would enable me to play more hands more freely. This became very true when I was winning big pots with hands like 56 suited. I can thank Simon Hemsworth for the confidence he has given me from reading his articles in PokerPlayer magazine on small suited connectors and such. I worked my way up to $28+ and then got the monsters. The pocket pair that dreams are made of. Well, it was a dream turn nightmare, as I had AA and my opponent went fishing with J9 and hit the flush on the river. That set me back to $20, so I played for a few more mins and was worried I would risk tilting so I stopped my play 6 minutes short of an hour and with only 20VPPs to go, this story is both successful and to be continued.