After a day of feeling sorry for myself for being hungover on a bloody wednesday, never again, I decided to get on with trying for the UKIPT series that will be held at the Hippodrome in Londons' Leicester Square this April. I of course would love to be in attendance so put some money on it this evening in a pool of fish.

First I swam through a 55p rebuy tourney that gets you a seat in the £16.50 qualifier. I began quite well making my way from 3k to 4k quite quickly then sky rocketted down to nothing pushing my AK in against AA, even if I hadn't gone all in preflop the K on the flop would have pushed me for it. I then did a double rebuy and all these guys are going crazy for it. It's that awful game of 'all in' where it really is a gamble. Normally, I'd probably be better playing the lottery, however this time I managed to do quite well and stayed as chip leader for quite some time. I had a silly litte upset moment 2 places off a seat where I had 55 and the guy to my left went all in which would have placed me very short so I folded. Of course another two 5's showed their faces on the board, but it didn't really matter as I was super stacked and made it to the qualifier.

Everyone seemed a bit cynical at this stage. There was no guarentee of a seat and most of us had satellited our way in. The prize was sitting at £180 for a good while. There were 9 of us for a some time and I was a little confused as the program kept switching us over 2 tables, a 10th player did appear but it was back at 9 very shortly and I lost a silly pot to a fishy player who loved to play large dirty portions of his stack for medium hands, so knowing this I called him all in when I hit a queen and he hit a 9. A third 9 shows up on the river...damn...what do I do now, I don't have much thinking time and I'd gone quite far. I went for the rebuy and stood at chip leader for quite some time, 2 guys from twitter were nice enough to even rail me, until I had AK again and get an all in request from my fishy friend to my left, I can't not call. I call. I can't remember what they had but I couldn't win as they managed 3 of a kind in something. Now I'm at just over 5k and I'm as tight as it gets until HELLO! What's this?? KK, for me?? Yes please, all in please, I know I'll get a worse call, yes I got my worse call of 44 then the unthinkable happened, a 4 on the stinkin' flop. Sayonara to me for today. And here's that last ugly hand. Better luck tomorrow eh? I wont be paying £15 though.