Yesterday I had my four 2NL cash tables on the go as usual, but this was no usual sitting. Not only did I make $15 in about an hour, but I also managed to hit my 3rd Royal Flush (my first was on PKR and other 2 on Stars), I hit it on the flop also which was too cool! But I slow played it as usually I get nothing from these things, the win wasn't massive this time but it was much better than previous ones.

Not only that, but within the same 10 minutes on another table I managed to hit a straight flush, neither of these hands I would hit on a normal day. Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday, or is that pushing it?

The Donkey part of this is the player who pushed me to put all my chips in on my straight flush. Of course I was going to go there since I had the nuts. The player had 'donkey' in their screen name but everytime I made a win against them, they would reload to $5 then place an abusive comment in the chat box. This guy was clearly tilting as many of his chips were coming my way and he was making really oversized bluffs. Of course this was working out well for myself, but what's with all the abuse, I love having a bit of a laugh in the chat box, I met one of my twitter followers last weekend at a couple of tables and we used it for a bit of fun because that is what this game is about.

It's not good for you to be abusive as it shows everyone else that you have tilted and big bucks can then be made by the other players. Not only that but you will lose a lot fo money, if you have tilted or feel you need to get all your losses back. Stop playing. It's the best thing you can do, take at least an hour to do something completely unrelated to poker, something less likely to cause you stress. Watch a film, read a book, make some dinner, go for a walk, the gym, all of these things will most likely serve you well so when you return, you can have a fresh thinking mind and see the fun in it again. Eating food that's good for you and staying well hydrated will also help you maintain the brain power to push yourself to be at your best.

Here are my hands as well...