So I haven't posted this month yet which is unlike me especially since I have my challenge on the go. Just to let you know, everything was going brilliantly, I got up to $75 last night with a 292nd place in the $1.10 rebuy $60k guaranteed event then this afternoon I played a $1.10 $2.5k GTD and finished very early, took to some 2NL Zoom which also didn't go very well, then I did the unthinkable.

There I was with my larger bankroll and since I had to move down the stakes for my challenge, I moved up one to 5NL, I lost $14 faster than I could even think I had $14. So I wont be moving up again until I have $100 which could be a while away since I have made it down to $55 again. How exhausting. I will be back in on the $1.10+R again tonight though, allowing myself no more than $5 to lose. I really cannot believe it, but that's the nature of the game I suppose. Everyone knows this, we are poker players afterall!