I was going to make this a 'how to' but wouldn't want to get too ahead of myself since I have only recently just about mastered it. 

Zoom can be a great way to quickly rack up some dollar or throw some away. Through my experience I decided to keep giving it a miss as I kept failing at it until I created a new game plan and it mainly works. However it only works when I am in my right mind; happy, hydrated, not hungry and with my mind solely on the game; no distractions. You should never play when you have just made a loss (though I think you should always take a break at that time) and/or may be on tilt. 

Tighten Up Your Game

When zooming what I was finding hard is you have no idea who your opponents are, you don't know if they are  tight, loose, passive, aggressive, you don't know their hand ranges and you certainly can't see if they're looking terrified behind their computer screens when they have made a big bet. So how do you know if their hand is better than yours? You don't so keep clicking 'fast fold' until you find something better. It's called 'zoom' for a reason; the fastest way to find a better hand.

Play Position

It really is ABC poker in this game. The later the position you play, the more information you can get from the other players. Or the only information you can get from them. When you're on the button or in the cutoff you have more room to play some less outstanding cards provided that either most players before you have either folded or just called, if there are raises and you're not looking too fancy FAST FOLD! It's never been easier to get out of tough spots!

Little Bluffing!

What I have learnt recently on Zoom is that it is rare that players will bluff you. If I don't go with my instinct and there is an over card of the board, I'll call and say farewell to what I once called my money. When I go with my instinct and fold I quickly find something better and climb the ladder again. Like I was saying, you don't know these people and you can't see them so only make a bluff if you are in the right position with few players before you and are absolutely certain you can pull it off, or fast fold to something much better.

Drop a Level

When trying something knew or more 'risky' don't be afraid to drop a level, the idea of losing less money will serve you well. I've done it and the fast pace of the game has payed me off more quickly.

So to summarise: Play awake and focussed, keep it tight playing mainly the best cards, fast fold in ANY tough spots; you'll soon find much better cards, play position to your advantage and have a 'zooming' good time!