8pm sharp and the game is starting at my local pub. A young person pub with two players who are pretty cool in real life and turn massively ugly as a game of Hold'em progresses. £5+R pub poker at it's finest. 12k starting stack.

The Start

Tonight I set myself a limit of £10 hoping to get my first hour £5 play, build it up and add-on for another £5. I end up with TT sitting pretty in my hand on our second draw, I'm in the cut-off. I can't remember by how much but Coop UTG raises, 2 players call and I raise him twice his amount, everyone calls apart from Mark to my left who sees it fit to go all in. I call, Will UTG2 calls, everyone else folds. Mark holds ATc, the flop bares an ace, I'm buying back in, Will looks unsure. 

The Middle

I manage to get myself healthy again and have 25k by the end of the hour, just over double my starting stack. I yo-yo, only lightly then pick up some monster bluffs where I knew I was controlling the pot and that it was safe to do so. Then came the bubble.

The Bubble

I knew I could do this, I defeat probably around 80% of my bubbles by making little action and only doing what I think is right. Mark wants to go home. I hold pocket 9's. I'm in the big blind, Mark's in the small, I raise to 5k, button and small blind call. The flop shows 8h 7h Qc, we all check, 2d Turn, Mark checks SB, I go all in 13k, button folds, Mark sits and thinks, his usual move (never sure if he knows it's on him), we give him the nudge. He unfortunately calls with QT (he held this in his previous hand and blocked my 2 pair with a straight), and the bubble bursts. 

January Daily Challenge (a quick sum up I promise!)

I get home and today it's one real money sit and go on your mobile or tablet, I got a first on a $1.50 SNG last night after drinking so I went for that. I was doing well as usual until the bubble hit, sitting calm, calling and raising good hands until I'm in the big blind with 6Ts, a 6 and T come out on the flop, I feel like the luckiest girl I'm the world. I'm getting most of my stack in with excitement, by the river I'm all in wondering why the opposition is still calling me to find he catches the king on the river and of course he holds one of the many other Tens too. Sad times. And now I'm thinking of altering that 80% figure I gave earlier. 

On that note. Who's giving the TCOOP a whirl?