I'm sitting in my room, my head's a mess, my room's a mess, the two fit together quite well. I must be zooming again...I managed to push my way up to $54, then, to my surprise, I fell off of the wagon back onto $44. I saw fit to end it there. Then I took a day off afraid to give some more buck away and hopefully come back to rack up a colossal stack. But nope, that couldn't possible happen. My life story: the original losing streak. $10 down, $5 down, we have $30 left, I need to analyze my play.

As loose as a Goose

I think it's safe to say in my session this afternoon I have loosened up. I get a semi-good to good hand, play pre-flop quite well and then don't hit. It's what comes after that's most damaging, normally I tell myself  'it's zoom, you'll get plenty more chances to win' but no, not today, I must win this time with this hand! I feel the anger rising inside me like a fire bursting through a door (okay I must work on my similies). It is total madness, I am not thinking about anything but what's in my hand, my cards, defeating everything that I have ever learned, about poker that is. I think the only thing I can do to tighten myself up again is to stop thinking about the fact that I am having a lamb roast dinner tonight and play a normal ring game.

I'll let you know when I'm having a fun old time again!