2NL was too slow for me, not the speed of which the players were playing but if I lost a load then it would take it's merry time to get the dollar back up to me. I then went for a $3.50 turbo Sit and Go, I came 6th, this injurred me further. I then went for 2NL Zoom, no good, that thing about getting bruised and time again. It was then that I thought that's it! I have sucked the fun out of poker and it was then that I got myself in that awkward situation knowing I will risk a lot of my stack and break all the rules of bankroll management but get to play at the level that I know and love...10NL. But not just 10NL, I don't have all night! I'm in work at 5am, so I got me Zoom on and within 15mins I yo-yo'd between $10-$17 until I remembered the only thing you need to do in Zoom is wait, if your hand's not working it will very quickly find you another better one (or worse but you can jusge each hand yourself) and then I was up to $22 within 15mins meaning that I can go to bed knowing I will have a $40 bankroll waiting for me in the morning YIPPEE!!!

The only problem I face now since I'm trying to grind my way up to $5k, is what is my plan? Do I keep zooming it at that level and hope for the best? Poker is a cruel game and plays tricks on the mind, or do I go for 5NL, it's still more than 10% of my stack at risk. What do you guys think?