Though we speak more of fish in poker terms we all started there once. I don't think anyone can say they didn't start out as one.

I began my challenge today with $33 and went on the 2NL tables. It was like a trip down memory lane. I I'm a 10NL player so of course I went straight in acting like a no it all; two tables open and almost immediately lost my $1.60 on one table BAH! What an eye opener, so that I can only say helped because 3 hours and 600 hands later I can't even remember what happened. I made another fishy call with AcQc on a flush draw flop, otherwise everything else worked in my favour. I played well, I made some good bluffs when I didn't quite catch my board and folded where the odds weren't in my favour. I made $3, I used to gaining more, or losing more. I then decided I'd place 90c on a hyper-turbo satellite because it's TCOOP time, but no, it's not my time today. So, I suppose I better stick at 2NL until I reach about $55 and I can move up a level. Discipline is my game.

Bankroll: $35

Hands today: 603/1000