Everyone has made their poker goals for 2014 with great explanations of how they're going to get there. Well, I haven't, or hadn't until now. It's no secret that I want to go to a PSLive event this year but I wanted to do it with money I earned online, so I decided to steal an idea. It's an idea That Chris Ferguson once went through with and now xflixx is doing something very similar with his #GrindingitUp feed on twitter and youtube channel. I like this idea. Chris turned nothing into $10,000 starting with freerolls, I'm an odd one, I don't like freerolls. Felix is turning $80 into $8000. PKRs Sofia Lovgren claims that she turned $1 into $5,000 in one year. I deposited $50 a few days ago and I have (later) decided (now with only $33) that I am going to turn that into $5000, I have already dropped down to 5NL. I'm just praying that I can do this. I need more discipline and to keep reading strategy as it is my only hope. But hopefully now I have a goal, I can get something out of it! I'll keep you up to date.