It happened. I turned into a raging machine. I wasn't tight anymore, I wouldn't even call it loose and it was just about on the vague end of aggressive. I was just bullying, because I knew that I could and when you turn into Bluffalo Bill you feel incredible when it's working but every up has it downs. I went straight from a cash game into a Sit & Go and there it happened, I was going waaay over my head and making too fast starts and didn't seem to understand what was going wrong.


 1. Concentration

When you're on some kind of high you stop concentrating as much, you think you're unstoppable, so you don't stop...literally you just don't. I see this all the time in micro stakes tourneys. A player will win a big pot and then they will win another and maybe a third. By this point they have maybe tripled their chip stack. At this point they may start betting anything as they have 'got lucky' so many times with some duff cards. They can't lose, until you show them what for! Keep your cool, you're better than that, these players will lose something big then maybe write something unecessary in the chat box. If you are this person sit out for a second, grab a brew. It's cool man, it's cool.

2. Keep Position

It's no good bluffing when you have no idea what's going on in your opponents' head. You cannot see their cards, the only information is that that you got earlier on. Oh hold the phone! What if you have just sat down at the table, you've never seen these guys before, they're not your friends, no one plays fair in poker...okay some do, but they lose. Keep your eye open when you're in late position for some folders and some good playing hands before you get comfortable.

3. Start Tight

There's plenty of time to loosen up later! Get to know your players first and get them to think you only play better cards than them. A mean moment occured earlier...there I was, sitting comfortably on my fathers couch by an open fire place, I was ready, ready for almost (not all, but most) anything. I wanted the Karma Bounty in xflixx's home game tourney and to my surprise I was sat at his table, how lucky! Until just a couple of minutes in and he raises early and another player, who shall be known as X, goes all in for Schneiders to call holding, in bingo terms, two fat ladies 88 against Player X's AKo, we all know how the story goes; Player X grabbed an Ace on the turn and then it was all 'Auf Wiedersehen Mr Schneiders'. Okay 88 is a good hand, but is it good enough in this situation? And that is where I will end this one.

Would you call with 88 when someone raises you to all in early on in a tournament?

Also, I don't play bingo...just so you know.... .