I began today by reading from the 'Poker Basic Course', I didn't read it all as I know how to play poker, I just don't know HOW to play. Starting from the beginning and going over the tight aggressive play I got all full of myself taking my thoughts elsewhere with 'yeah yeah I know!!'. It became very obvious to me quite soon on that I didn't know. It's been quite some time since I have refreshed myself on the basic rules of position, cards, players and what I should do with all of these things as a collective...besides getting on with it. I took myself down a couple of levels to 2c/5c; as I think any good player should when trying out some new moves. I came to the table with $5.20, looking at my opponents stacks this seemed to be a good amount not to look out of place.


Beginning My Game

I sat with the 'Wait for Big Blind' box ticked, I normally hate this but I thought I would take what I learnt from 'Internet Poker for Dummies' which is to watch the players at your table before making any moves. I sat, I watched, I turned my music on...wait, where does it say that?? I couldn't bare the silence. It finally came round to the big blind and many of the players seemed to have switched out with others and this worried me looking from a new perspective. Real life eh? So I just went with it and there I was sitting with my first shiny golden hand. AKh, pretty little things. I raised only 4BB from the big blind and found a participant from a much earlier position. The flop drew a K, my new friend checked and I placed another 20 cents down on the table, a pause followed then a call, the turn drew a card insignificant to myself. No straights, no flushes, they check, I bet half the pot and my happy little caller friends shys away and there I am realising this could work out quite alright.


The game is going well, I have $8.44, I did have just over $9 from collecting pocket rockets then had to spend a few moments sitting and staring at the board still paying much attention to the fact that many players don't seem to want to watch me keep going and head for the door, but no matter, many new players are up for a game. I seemed to have acquired 2 new players to sit next to after having no one sit either side of me for quite sometime. I can't possibly smell online can I?

To my right I have Mr 'I like to slow play every hand I have no matter how good' and to my left I have Mrs 'You are no match for me, here; have all my chips'. All this put me on my A-game.

The End of the Road

I made it up to a colossal $16 which I decided to dispose off of course when my AK saw the flop of A 6 Q, I liked this too much, I was UTG and my opponent was sitting smug on the button, we went through a reraising battle, the most fun I have had all evening. Eventually on the Turn they went all in to reveal 66 in their hand, nothing I could do could change my fate. I still had $11.07 and I sat on it for just over 5 mins before calling it a day. Wouldn't want to tilt!

What I Did Well and Not So Well

I kept with the tight aggressive structure but I did pull away from it a few times but always returned to bass. I did this because I didn't want the other guys and gals at the my table to have a definite read on me, who would? I made most of my looser plays from the button when there was very little action on the go which worked really well and managed to make my A4 at one point simulate full house Kings full of 8's, not bad. So all in all, a good start. (pun not intended)