I began playing on Zynga poker 5 years ago, like many I was a uni student, like few I studied music technology. It wasn't my friends who got me gaming, I met a guy, he was very unlike myself and loved to gamble though didn't have his own money. I know, so why did I stick around? He was kind of interesting, though annoying, clingy and my friends hated him. My dad more than anyone, as of these points you can tell the relationship with this boy didn't last long, though he did introduce to my poker and taught me how to play. From this moment all I wanted to do was go on facebook and play more free poker, I'd lose all my free chips and have to wait another day to reload, it was complete madness. It then came to a point where I knew this wasn't enough, I needed more, I needed something to make me really care about what I was putting into each game. Of course there was only one thing for it, real money.

I set myself up a real money account on Full Tilt, I played for the tiniest stakes imaginable and found that everyone played a much smarter game. I was in awe at how we only only playing for just a few cents at a time but there wasn't a player at my table playing every single hand like I did. (My strategy at the time being; play every hand as you may hit something.) Of course people even at the micro stakes really do care about their hard earned cash. I would play the odd Sit and Go, then maybe a micro stakes tournament but mainly 1c/2c cash games. Then the unthinkable happened; Full Tilt Poker was shut down and I didn't know what to do with myself, I couldn't possibly join Pokerstars as I heard the game was much harder with players participating from all countries where online gambling was legal. I plodded on.

I went to PKR and carried on as I was with full tilt, I loved it, the animation was great, the game was easy and no one from the US there to outsmart me. Not to mention that of course every game was well timed to the UK, I felt right at home. But there wasn't enough going on, there weren't enough games for me to choose from and not enough players filling up Sit and Go's as fast as I would have liked. It took me a year but I finally conformed and listened to everyone else. 'Play on Pokerstars' they said, after 3 years, I finally listened.

This then brings me to where I am now, I have been playing on Pokerstars since some time in 2011, I haven't really improved, I play 5c/10c cash games, $1.50-$3.50 Sit and Go's and any tournament going up to a $5 with my current thing being the Sunday Storm. I got a twitter account to keep up to date with all poker happenings (@AntoniaChigurh) and have another blog of the same name. This time I am serious, I am going to start right from the beginning and use this site to my advantage and hopefully build myself a healthy bankroll not to mention fall in  love with the game all over again. I promise my next one wont be this long! So, back to 1c/2c? Naaaahhh.