Playing the Badugi free roll, quickly up to 5,000 on the first hand because there are always players who do not know how to play the game - I go all in with a badugi and they are holding AA99 or 4 cards of the same suit lol. After this I get it all in with another big stack who has A24 and is drawing to one, and I have A23 and am drawing to one - I am a big favorite, all I have to do is catch my card or not have him catch his - of course I don't catch, and he does - I would not mention it but it happens way too many times in Badugi, I get it all in and we are both drawing to 1 card, I don't catch and he does, not only that, but he catches a low card, just to make sure the sucker punch is a nice low hard one. Again, a big middle finger to poker stars for punishing good play, and for putting me on their %^^$ list!