Had a big stack early (15,000) in the no limit 5 card free roll tourney. Drew to a straight and hit. Someone with 10,000 chips shoved all in , I checked his draw and saw he took 3 - ok he is drawing to a pair, what does he have AAA? Well I am not folding a straight to a 3 draw - he drew to AA and hit another 2 for quads - umm, thank you for that BS. 

I still had 4500 in chips and drew to 3 queens. Some one raised me and i checked his draw - drew to 3, ok, maybe he has KKK or AAA but I am short stacked so no folding QQQ - I call and he shows 22333. Ok he drew to 22 and hit 333 - wow another BS hand -

Who says Pokerstars isnt rigged? lol