Currently in a pot limit Omaha Free Roll, a game I know very little about. I have a good sized stack, ~68,000, so should be able to just cruise into the top 72 for a ticket. I currently have 4 tickets, and I won my first money from a weekend tourney last week, $.55  lol. For all of the bad beats I get on this site, I still manage to win sometimes. 

As to the Omaha game, I still get confused with straights because of the 2 card must use rule, but each time I play one of the free rolls I get a little more comfortable. 

-- 90 minutes later, stack the same at 70,000. I was in the small blind and an idiot aggrssive type who raises every hand min raised. I don't like to get myself suckered  into pots while in the blinds with garbage, so I folded. On the flop I saw that I would have flopped the nuts. The first thing I thought was it's  good I am out of this hand because by the river I will have lost my stack. Indeed - a guy with 30,000 had flopped a set of 9's, and the river brought him a boat - I would have lost the max on that hand, and been crippled. That is beating the software!