I've never really been a big writer/blogger but after joining PSO and also checking out some poker blogs online, I thought it would be fun to try it out for myself!



I learned how to play poker when I was 15 years old from my best friend at the time. I would always play for fun at his house with friends and as time went on, I fell in love with the game.  I've been playing on Pokerstars (on and off) 7/8 years now and I must say that it has been a rollercoaster ride and a great learning experience. 

I'd say my results on PS have been mixed, with many large cashouts as well as some pretty nasty downswings, but at the end of the day I still have an undescribable passion for the game. I'd say I'm a good player but for a while I had a sloppy mindset., never really having solid stcucture to really be able to succeed in the poker world. Because of that, I was never really able to thrive. 

I've gone through a lot in the last few years and just realized that this is what I really want to do (making poker my primary job.) I have gone to school for business, had selective jobs but never felt like I was doing something that I liked. POKER IS SOMETHING I LOVE.


Anyway, I have signed up for PSO to get my game up and to get involved with the community (seems like a lot of nice people on here.) I have also set up a summer challange for myself to try and turn $50 into $1000 by the end of August. Seems crazy but i've been able to do it before. I feel like this is my new start -- my passion and motivation is higher than ever -- and am ready to take the next step and work to become a successful poker player. I also have a bit of stcructure now to keep me focused so starting with summer challange I will see how this goes!

I completely missed registration for the Open Skill League tourny at 1 writing this intro but oh well... I had fun writing this! I will update my blog regularly and maybe gain some readers!