Hello everyone who still reads my blog!


First some updates on which I have been up to lately.

Still struggling to find enough time to properly dedicate myself to poker and improve to the level I was hoping to achieve at the beginning of the year (=being a decently profitable player at 50NL). I have completely given up on the Time Vault challenge. It is just impossible for me to find time to create meaningful blog posts and keep updating my thread anymore I am happy to find 7-8 hours a week to play + some to do some hand reviews, watch videos, read poker blogs... That's about it.

Having no more than 10h a week for poker makes it pretty damn hard to keep up with everything that's going on in the poker community but the good news is that I feel like I am back to enjoying the game a lot! That is the ultimate goal anyway. I could be playing at 10000NL but if I was not enjoying myself what point would there be in playing? Money? No thank you (unless that was the only source of income I could find of course)

As I mentioned in my last post I have been doing a bit of database work lately to finally find out what is it about my game that makes me so susceptible to weekend variance. I have not discovered any groundbraking magical strategy or a blatantly obvious leak but I was still able to put together a decent analysis with some good points to keep in mind which I will share in my next post. Keep an eye on this blog in the following week if you are interested in reading more. For now all I have is  few funny hands from my today's Sunday chillout grind at 2NL. Just to inspire all of you who are still struggling at these levels.

Ok now that you laughed a bit you might be wondering what is so interesting about these hands. Look closely. 3 of them revolve around one common theme and a simple concept which I found out to be extremely effective against bad players and makes them call you down like crazy (And it works even at 25NL . Can you see what it is? And no, it's not just value betting your strong hands...