Hello everyone!


Time slowly passes by and yet again I am late with updating my monthly progress.  So what  happened in June?

First let's start with my plans for the month which were:

1) Move up to 25NL

2) Play enough hands to achieve the Gold Start status again

3) Continue to update my  time vault thread

4) Continue to dedicate a decent portion of my time to hand analyses, reviews and  live trainings/videos


How did I do?

1) Failed. Hit a nasty 20BI downswing right before I was about to hit my BR limit to move up and  start taking shots at 25NL. This obviously changed my  plans and I was happy to fight back and end the month with a small $90 profit mostly thanks to the zoom & boom promotion.

2) Failed. Unfortunately, every month I have less and less spare time for poker and I just could not get in enough volume to earn 2000VPPs for a gold star  (came about 500 short). Need to be more conservative with my estimations in the future...

3) Done! Probably not often enough but I still managed to have my thread up to date most of  the time. Next  month I will try to do better though. More hand analysis and less whining. That's gonna be a good starting point

4) Done! (Kind of) I am very pleased to say that I am still being responsible enough to do my homework and analyse and review most of my own hands (occassionally even found enough time to analyse someone else's hands in the forum).  However, I only attended 1 live training and watched maybe 2 videos which is  something I could  definitely improve on.


Plans for July?

1) Move to and try to stay at 25NL

2) Play at least 25k hands

3) Continue updating my time vault thread and create at least 2 new blog posts

4) Continue doing hand reviews and analysis

5) Attend at least 2 live trainings


So far this month I have been lucky enough to increase my BR to take a first shot at  25NL. After almost 2 weeks I am still hanging in there. Woohoo! Breaking even but who cares. Being super profitable is not the goal right now.

Things looking surprisingly good so far