Finally a good month for me which means I can share some graphs with you again




After a slow start, some tilt issues and unpleasant feelings about poker in general I managed to rally and fight back to end up with a decent win. I went on a very nice upswing which gave me the much needed confidence in my poker abilities. I think the effect it had on my game is quite apparent from the graph. Yay


At the end of month I had decided to chill out a bit and play at lower stakes. Playing at 5NL did not go as planned at all. I actually ended up with a loss which is very disappointing. I think there are 2 main reasons for that:

1) I approached the game the same way I approached 10NL (which required a fair bit of adjustments to make from my old habits). The differences between these 2 stakes are very significant and as you can see something that works for one level does not necessarilly work so well for the other.

2) I hit a bad run of cards frequently running to the top of villains' ranges. 2pair vs set,set over set, low flush vs bigger flush, you know what I am talking about... This might be an excuse for not being profitable enough but never to end up with a loss so I am still very disappointed with my play there.


As expected 2NL was a piece of cake I almost forgot how easy and stress free it is to play there. I ran a bit above my expected win rate (between 20-25bb/100) which is always nice to see. Definitely coming back in the future! When you think about it, with a winrate of 20bb/100 playing 4 tables of zoom with 1100 hands/hr I would be making about $4.50/hr. Almost like a part time job, just much more enjoyable


The bad news for this month are that I had not managed to grind the VPPs needed to get back to gold star again :/ I was not able to find enough time for playing as long as I used to but with a bit of luck and 25NL I should be able to achieve the gold star VIP status this month for sure. I have also been trying hard to get my red line of non showdown winnings to start trending upwards but  with little success so far. Still not laggy enough I guess

Good luck at the tables everyone!