Here is a little summary of what happened last month:



Unfortunately did not have a lot of time to play poker which together with my inability to play consistently and stay disciplined at the tables resulted in the worst month so far. The good news is that I have finally learned how to use Holdem Manager and can post some of those fancy graphs to show you my incredible poker achievements 

I also decided to try out a completely new strategy which I hoped would improve my overall profitability and comfort level at the microstakes zoom tables. Basically it meant being less aggressive and not trying to fight for pots with marginal hands that much together with a lower  general 3bet stats (I used to play about 8-9% now my 3bet is only 4-5%) and cbet stats (85% originally now only about 65%) You can see how it went on the graphs below:



I think it is quite obvious where the change in the strategy occured My non showdown profit had become almost non existent. At 5NL it appears to be a move in the right direction while at 10NL it is still inconclusive and I remain a break even player there.

The plan for the next month stays the same as for the last one. I will try to get in as much volume as possible to obtain a reasonable sample to analyse my leaks at 10NL. Hopefully this will help and I can comfortably move to 25NL at the beginning of may. However I am leaving again soon so will only have about half a month available to play any poker at all... Gonna be tough keeping up with my yearly goals

GL at the tables