After reviewing about 10k hands from 10NL zoom I was really surprised how many mistakes I made and most of them over and over again. I really looks like I become tilted very easily. That is really bad and obviously has a drastic effect on my profitability at the tables. It seems as whenever I move up the stakes I instantly start to be at least 10x more results oriented than before. Maybe it is the money jump, maybe something else I do not know... but the thing I do know is that I really really need to find a way to fight against it or I will never be able to move up and improve as a poker player.

Many people say that for learning purposes zoom tables are not the best idea. I am starting to believe that My problem though is that I love the action! I love being faced by multiple decisions at the same time, constantly having to think analyze and plan ahead. I tried opening up 4 regular tables for a change and it was boring as hell! So this is what I have come up with:

Since I have no problem crushing 5NL 6max zoom tables I will still do about 50% of my sessions there to earn some easy money. This way I will have a feeling that my bankroll is "secure" and can therefore play risk free at 10NL and really focus on improving my game rather than building the bankroll. I like deep stack poker so I was thinking about firing up some good old deepstack tables which fortunately for me are already available at 10NL and up.

So here is my new plan summarised:
1) play at least 50% of the time at 5NL 6max Zoom (4 tables)
2) play the rest at 10NL 6max deep or regular tables (4 tables max) with a review session afterwards to analyze any mistakes or possibly good plays I made
3) if by playing at 10NL my bankroll falls below a certain level(updated daily) I will stop playing there and grind it out again purely by playing 5NL Zoom 6max
4) when I start getting more comfortable at 10NL again I will try to change my grinding sessions to include 2 10NL zoom tables and 2 5NL. If all goes well I will try to play 5NL only occasionally for fun and focus on grinding at 10NL Zoom tables.
5) Once I develop a solid record at 10NL (at least 6 bb/100 over at least 30k hands) I will consider moving my learning sessions to 16NL and 25NL regular tables. BR requirement for this move will be at least $700 for 16NL and $1000 for 25NL.

As for now I am going home for Easter holidays. Coming back on 16th of april to try and test this new strategy out. And since I am not going to play too much poker in the following month I had decided to give myself a little challenge before I leave. Grind my BR back to $500 from $415 where it fell last weekend. 2 days and 11792 hands and I can proudly say that I have achieved my mini goal God bless 5NL! (cannot believe that EV was not against me this time...)