Days active at poker tables: 27

hours played: 79 (average of 2.9h/day)

5NL 6max zoom:

hands played: 55928

profit: +$297.67

BB/100: 10.64

10NL 6max zoom:

hands played: 25797

profit: -$15.38

BB/100: -0.6


Stellar rewards: $30

Freerolls: +$22.90

FPP balance: 6233


This month was very tough and I feel really lucky to have achieved such results. I took 2 big hits to my BR and experienced the worst 3 days of my poker "career" so far. After a few bad beats I went on a huge tilt which led to a loss of $130 playing at 10NL and another $55 a 5NL in just 3 days. I felt like my game completely broke down, I tried to change almost everything I was doing at the tables but nothing seemed to work. In times like these it is very difficult to keep disciplined and stick to your plan of achieving your goals so I feel like getting over that period was my biggest achievemnt for the month. I have learned a lot about myself and hope to handle similar situations better in the future. It is really scary to realise how much your game is affected by the state of your mind and how easy the transition from a profitable player to one of the biggest losers is (during those 3 days I was running at almost -22 BB/100).

The good news is that I have become really comfortable at 5NL and feel like I can easily sustain the BB/100 ratio at 10 or maybe even more. On the other hand my performance at 10NL was a disaster. I started off with 5 day streak when I ended up with a profit but those 5 days were negated by the next 3 where I lost all my profit at 10NL plus some more. It really looks like I am the worst enemy of myself and will have to overcome this to be able go back and stay there for a change.

I have achieved all of my initial goals for the month but could not tackle all of the revised ones. My BR got stuck and never got to the $500 level where I planned it to grow. However, I have become a gold star which is a nice boost to my FPPs.


Looking forward to March! Hope it is a good month for us all